An Evolving Story

We’d love to share our story. Integra came into being in the minds and hearts of three individuals passionate about Cayman and healthcare. For such a small island we are blessed with some great healthcare professionals, but great healthcare provision is also about the quality of customer service delivered and the integrity of the organisation, towards patients, payors and staff. As a leadership team, we are bound by our mixed experiences to date, as well as our belief that Cayman deserves a higher bar. So we have set out to raise it!
Sara, Francisco & Andrew


Creating the most trusted & respected women’s, children’s and family health practice in Cayman, genuinely loved by both staff and patients, built on excellence, integrity, commitment & passion


Highest possible quality of care
Up-to-date, modern, western practise
Unrivalled compassion, support & advocacy
Highly competent, professional & happy staff
Functionally efficient, easy and IT-enabled

Clinical quality hand-in-hand with effective service


Highest standards of confidentiality, probity & ethics
Transparent charging at Cayman standard rates
Providing what’s needed, without adding what’s not
Declaring our interests, connections & links, openly
Being completely trustworthy with your health & wealth

Honesty & transparency in ethical & financial conduct


Ensuring we are available when needed, day, night & weekends
Ensuring you get best healthcare & advice, regardless of where from
Keeping ourselves up-to-date, safe & skilled
Always delivering on our employment promise & obligations
Giving back through education & added value service

Accessibility, advocacy, advancement & added value


Always happy and positive, never mood-hoovers
Enthusiastic in developing & improving our practice
Determined to be a beacon of employment excellence
Committed to our team by developing & growing their capability
Basically, truly passionate about what we are doing

Uplifting & inspiring to engage with or work for

The Leadership Team