Cleanliness in a Clinic should be STANDARD!

At Integra, we have been really quite surprised at just how many of our patients & parents comment on how clean our clinic is. Now, it’s not a surprise to us that we are clean, because we take it very seriously, but we think high cleanliness if a basic standard in a health clinic, and it’s obviously important in infection control, so the surprise is more that the comment infers different experiences elsewhere.

It turns out though that poor attention to it is a bigger issue than many think and especially in common areas like waiting rooms – scary since they have a steady stream of unwell people through them. If you are interested in the statistics, the attached article makes rather sobering reading.


Integra’s Attitude to Cleaning

As a busy clinic, we want to ensure that cleanliness is always at the heart of our daily ritual. We have two versions that alternate across the week – comprehensive and deep.

Every space – clinic rooms and public spaces such as the waiting area – every day
All surfaces and high use items, including seating, thoroughly cleaned with clinic-appropriate materials

All of the above, but with items such as chairs getting a deeper level of disinfection and toys, such as the plastic sheep, getting sheep dip treatment!

We are also constantly vigilant about areas that need cleaning episodically e.g. on rainy days from dirty shoes. These receive more immediate attention. We are delighted that people notice our efforts but we would love that everywhere they went was as clean as they found us. Then we are all winning.