Out of Hours Arrangements

Much of your healthcare will be planned, even though some may be at short notice. Every now and again, nature demands more urgent attention.

Within Hours

Between 8am and 5pm, Integra staff are available to assist. With urgent care, it is always important to establish both the degree of urgency and the severity of your healthcare needs, so as to best advise and direct you. We are blessed with a team that have considerable experience in urgent and emergency care, across adults, children and babies.

Within hours, we would urge you to call us on the main clinic number (345) 745 7450.

Outside Normal Hours

We can provide some immediate guidance on genuinely urgent care needs. This includes ensuring you head to the right place, with the right degree of urgency. We have an extensive knowledge of what is available on island, what it can do, when, and whether it is an appropriate choice for the problems you are facing.


Please WhatsApp or Text Dr Martinez for adult issues and one of Dr Watkin, Dr Marinova & Dr Newton for babies and children, using the numbers list below individually. Please say if you are an existing or new patient to Integra, describing the issue you are contacting us about.

We typically respond in under 2 hours, if before 10pm, and mostly within literally just a few minutes. If your need is more urgent than that, please call on the numbers listed below.


Text messages may not been seen (even doctors sleep!) and so we would ask you to consider if it is urgent or can wait until morning. If it is urgent, then after 10pm and before 7am, please call on the numbers listed below, using the Integra Paediatric Out of Hours number for enquiries regarding children or babies.

  • Adults – please Dr Francisco Martinez on (345) 939 9539
  • Babies & Children – Please call INTEGRA PAEDIATRIC OUT-OF-HOURS NUMBER: (345) 326 4370
  • You can also reach Dr Sara Watkin on (345) 326 7827 or Dr Jasmina Marinova on (345) 323 0870 of Dr Sarah Newton on (345) 925 7888

Drs Watkin, Newton & Marinova all have admitting rights to George Town Hospital Neonatal Unit for babies and the Paediatric Ward for children.

Emergency Care

Besides obvious physical injuries requiring an ambulance, if you are suffering from any of the problems listed below, you are advised to proceed straight to George Town Hospital or dial 911 for emergency services.


  • Severe breathing difficulties affecting mobilisation
  • Choking
  • Heart attack (chest pain, especially where it radiates to neck, arms or jaw, accompanied by sweating profusely, nausea or dry mouth, if you are an active smoker or you are known diabetic)
  • Stroke symptoms (sudden speech deficits, sudden weakness of any limb, reduced alertness or consciousness)
  • Fractures or injuries with sufficient intensity to cause fractures
  • Severe bleeding (rectal, vomiting blood, nasal for patients on warfarin or antiplatelet therapy like aspirin, repeated coughing large amounts of blood or bleeding post tooth extractions)
  • Head injury with loss of consciousness, seizures, vomiting, reduced alertness (excessive drowsiness), older than 65 years, patients on warfarin and antiplatelet therapy such as aspirin
  • Major trauma: Car/ boat/ jet ski accidents, falls from heights, fights or assaults
  • Loss of consciousness of unknown cause
  • Severe acute abdominal pain that is debilitating