We Recommend

Consistent with our mission to raise the bar in quality, service and integrity, we love to recommend those with similar aspirations and values (where we know them well enough to do so confidently).

5 Star Construction & Maintenance

Our first recommend is the amazing 5 Star, who did the full renovation on our facility here in Grand Pavilion. We get lovely comments about it every day and a big part of that is down to the care and attention the 5 Star team took to help create what we wanted. It definitely sets a high bar and so we recommend them wholeheartedly. Contact them at: https://5star.ky/

Picture This Studios

Picture This absolutely rock. They have taken all of our studio shots of staff and the amazing Tom filmed and produced our introduction video that you’ll find on our homepage. That was filmed on a fully operational day and he was fantastic as respecting privacy and ensuring we didn’t disrupt the smooth running of the clinic. Contact them at: https://www.picturethis.ky/